The Ink Job

The Ink Job

ATHENS, Greece | since 2018

€100 minimum order, €50 minimum reorder

€30 average shipping charge, average production time 10 days

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The Ink Job


ATHENS, Greece | since 2018

Hi guys!

My name is Aggeliki Koloniari and I live in Exarcheia, Athens. I always remember myself making something by hand. Fabrics, scissors and buttons, glue and paints were some of my favorite toys.

In 2018 The Ink Job was launched. It was a whole new adventure I dedicated my soul to.

I wanted to tell the story of living in a city. A city is its people, the vibe, the colors, the pace of life.. It's a certain energy, an excitement, a constant feeling of surprise..

This feeling lies behind of all my designs. Inspiration comes from walking, noticing, getting lost.

I love designing items that are unpretentious and fresh. I work with soft fabrics as they bring out warmth and comfort. At the same time the strict lines of a stencil convey an edge to these items.

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