Riga, Latvia | since 2017

€350 minimum order, €300 minimum reorder

€45 average shipping charge, average production time 25 days

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To buy from our shop, browse the listings and choose your favorite products and fabrics, then go to chosen products listing, where you can purchase in bulk. There are different prices for different quantities (10, 30, 50, 100). Contact us before ordering, if you have any questions.
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Ieva Paukste

Riga, Latvia | since 2017

TeoBee is a family-run children’s clothing brand from Latvia .

We create practical and comfortable clothing for children, thinking about unique design and fashion trends.

All of the clothes are made in Latvia, Riga, in our own home. Sometimes, if large quantities are necessary, we are helped by a sewing workshop right here in Riga.

Both fabric designs and clothing are created by ourselves.

We are inspired by our own children Teo and Oliver, who are also the first to test newest designs.