Bremerhaven, Germany | since 2001

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Madoc Paul

Bremerhaven, Germany | since 2001

In 2001 my son Mick Paul and I founded the recycling manufactory "peace4youBAGS" in Bremerhaven, GERMANY.

Our credo is to take classical well-proven bag designs and manufacture them from a wide range of recycled materials that would otherwise end up as waste.

Ever since we have become something like "material detectives". Whenever we discover interesting, charismatic, and suitable materials, we bring them to the manufactory to turn them into new and wonderful bags. Those materials are e.g. navy-kitbags, french army-tents, and used leather-jackets.

Every bag is a unique item with its own unique patina.

In summary, it is now 20 years ago that our family founded "peace4youBAGS" bringing together what belongs together, manufacturing bags ...for a better world !