Melie C. Jewelry Studio

Melie C. Jewelry Studio

Athens, Greece | since 2018

€300 minimum order, €150 minimum reorder

€20 average shipping charge, average production time 14 days

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Hello and welcome to Melie C. Jewelry Studio✨ Check out all of our unique handmade creations and do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions. Take care and stay safe, Melie 💖
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Melie C. Jewelry Studio

Melina Chatzivangeli

Athens, Greece | since 2018

Hello little dreamer,

Our dream in Melie C. Jewelry Studio is to create quality jewelry that act as lucky amulets and as a source of inspiration, full of magic, that you can carry along with you through your day, reminding you of your power and true essence. We are celebrating your uniqueness and we aspire to help you channel your true nature and individuality through our ethereal and unexpected creations.

Made with intention, from my heart to yours,