Mazi dalykai CERAMIC

Mazi dalykai CERAMIC

Klaipėda, Lithuania | since 2010

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Mazi dalykai CERAMIC

Jūratė Čėsnaitė

Klaipėda, Lithuania | since 2010

TO CREATE! - that was the desire all life long. From the childhood I realized, that drawing was my true love.

I came to jewelry little by little. I used to draw graphic little things on a paper, later there was silk painting, then I found all that glitter in the beads world. And that was amazing! But I always search for some new self expressions, so ceramic world was a surprise for me.

It's been twelve years since I started with jewelry, eight of them I am deeply "engaged" with ceramic and porcelain. And soooo excited all the time, when I take out my little things from the kiln. By the way, that is the meaning of my "maži dalykai" - LITTLE THINGS.

So, cherish the little moments in your life, ENJOY LITTLE THINGS!

Little things with a big heart -