Maä bijoux

Maä bijoux

Robion, France | since 2008

€200 minimum order, €200 minimum reorder

€8 average shipping charge, average production time 21 days

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Maä bijoux

marielle Debethune

Robion, France | since 2008

Maä bijoux is recycled sterling Silver and 18-karat Gold jewelry, for sensitive souls who "take root" in nature ... Modern alliances, for daring people who want to wear a "grain" of originality. Handcrafted Jewelry with lots of love for the eternal dreamers that attach to every detail ...

For those reasons:

- I maximum protect the nature that I admire so much (suppliers, manufacturing product and technique).

- I handmade each item with the utmost care.

- I take care of my clients (jewelry with 6 months guarantee, hallmark punched).

- I try to keep my spontaneity, my authenticity and my ethics.

If you are an original soul, curious by nature, an enthusiast ecologist, sensitive to art, love traveling, and make other people happy... We are made for each other!

Welcome to my world!