Riga, Latvia

€150 minimum order, €100 minimum reorder

€17 average shipping charge, average production time 5 days

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Welcome to GoodStrings. Feel free to look around and contact me in case of any questions at
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Renate Klava

Riga, Latvia

Adventure of trying something new

Me - Renate - and Kristaps both come from an engineering background and we both felt the need of expressing our creative side by crafting.

We try to use modern designs to light up each room where the decoration is placed. With time I realized that making string art decors is the perfect way how to relieve stress so we started not only to make string art decors but also string art kits for adults and kids to make their own string art wonders and enjoy the calming process.

We are thrilled that somebody is liking our designs so much that they invest in buying them - that is the best compliment a maker can get. With each order, our heart grows a bit bigger and our smile definitely grows wider.