Ullastrell, BARCELONA, Spain | since 2014

€250 minimum order, €150 minimum reorder

€25 average shipping charge, average production time 7 days

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I've been making quality fabric accessories for several years, with good sales results. Several shops sell my products, especially the tobacco pouches, fanny packs and backpacks. I have a wide range of fabrics in constant renewal. Don't hesitate to try them out!
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Ana Maria

Ana Maria Viadas

Ullastrell, BARCELONA, Spain | since 2014

BiotaBags was born in Ullastrell, Barcelona, in 2016.

The intention was, and is, to make beautiful fabric accessories, with quality and design criteria that make them special.

Over time and in a very controlled way, I have expanded the catalogue of products.

The principles on which I base my work are:

- design, which has to be practical, beautiful and ecological.

- quality, always as a premise.

- The origin of the materials used, with a commitment to sustainable consumption.

I consider it very important that the products last and fulfil their function 100%.

BiotaBags accessories maintain a modern spirit with a personal and comfortable style designed for everyday use.