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Riga, Latvia | since 2020

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Baby Shop Fridulin

Christoph Puschmann

Riga, Latvia | since 2020

We are Kristi, Christoph, little Sam and of course the integral part of our family – Fridulin, the 31-year-old teddy bear.

This little orange bear called Fridulin means roots for us, happy moments, love and care, it means that some things last forever. And those keywords are the biggest inspiration for us on a daily bases when we live together, look at our son growing or think about our customers.

We want to be a home for sustainable and long lasting baby products with a nordic simplicity

We hope our little family business and focus on nature-friendly and organic baby products which are made to last, will give you and your little precious a healthy and happy start in life and help us to make this world a better, less polluted place one purchase at the time.