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Fetery’s mission is to introduce handmade products to retailers who will appreciate their value

Woman with pillow

Store: Little Otja, Slovenia

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4 Reasons to Grow Your Wholesale Business here:

  1. A platform made for you

    Set up a wholesale store in a few clicks, import your products from Etsy or another
    selling platform, and start selling wholesale at no initial cost

  2. No monthly fee, no listing fee

    No signup commission, no limits on how many products you can have. You only pay us
    15% when you get paid!

  3. Grow your business starting small or big

    We have no min or max limit on the number of products, we don’t force you to have a
    huge mark up, and we also welcome limited quantity collections

  4. Have full control over your store

    You set your own policies, minimum orders for a single purchase and for each
    product. There are tools for you to edit the store page, edit products, limit the
    quantity you can sell, production time and more.


Store: Ceramic Network, Latvia

Woman bag

Store: Industrial Jewellery, United Kingdom

Our Fees

Pay 15% when you get paid

We don’t take a fee from the shipping costs

No Setup Fees

No Monthly Subscription

No Listing Fees

Store: Designs and Smiles, Cyprus

Car pillow

Import products from your Etsy shop in a few clicks

We’ve made a special tool for Etsy sellers that allows them to choose from their Etsy listings and import them as products to Fetery. You can use it multiple times, each time you have something new in your shop.

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Store: Affirmiti, Slovenia

  1. Sign Up

  2. Create Your Store

  3. Add Your Products

  4. Accept Orders

Pay no fees on orders from your current stockists!

Let us know you’ve directed your stockists to register on Fetery, and you’ll pay us nothing on all orders placed by them, ever!

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Store: the illustrationist, Netherlands