Fetery Screen

Fetery - Wholesale Marketplace aiming to connect talented European crafters and local shops

Our mission

Local shop owners and crafters are people with common values.
We are creating a place where local retailers and European makers can cooperate and prosper together.

We believe quality and sustainability matter. And most of all we believe the valued things are made by real people with love, care, and skill. ​

It’s time to introduce talented crafters to the world of wholesale. It's time to fill the shelves of the local shops with unique handmade goods. We're sure Fetery will become a great tool to turn a creative business into a meaningful economic opportunity.

For retailers

Fetery is a place with unique, well designed, artistically valued, locally and ethically made goods. When we choose products for Fetery we want to create a cosy homemade atmosphere caring rather for buyer’s feelings and loyalty than competing with price and quantity.
We are representing a lot of European makers you won't find on trade shows. Here you can see a refined selection of new brands, and we are adding at least a few weekly.

​ Another Fetery sellers advantage is low wholesale minimums and samples packs. We want to make it easy for you to find new goods, check the quality and bring new bestsellers to your shop.

For crafters

Fetery is the best way to start selling wholesale. No need to invest in trade shows, look for distributors. We are ready to become your wholesale team and introduce you to local shops across the EU and the whole world.

Meet Kate and Natalia

Who we are

Meet Kate and Natalia - two courageous women behind the Fetery Wholesale Marketplace.

​ Natalia and Kate have the winning combination of 10 years in the e-commerce business, 5 successful brands and a strong desire to support small local makers. That’s why they have created Fetery, aiming to be the biggest catalogues of European makers.

Meet Kate and Natalia

Our story

Natalia lives in the Slovak Republic, while Kate lives in Poland. Since 2010, they’ve been manufacturing and selling online including on world top marketplaces (Etsy, Dawanda and Amazon Handmade). Due to this experience, they’ve found out all peculiarities of working in the handmade market.

What have they got now?

  • 5 successful brands developed from scratch
  • annual six figures revenue
  • wholesale cooperation with dozens of shops across the US and Europe

Girls have always been active in dedicated handmade forums and social media groups. Besides, Natalia is one of the leaders of the largest European seller teams on Etsy. But now they’re taking it to the next level.

Meet Kate and Natalia

Kate and Natalia say:
“We created Fetery marketplace that’s going to make a great impact on the growth and sustainability of small businesses in Europe. Fetery will help handmade brands to scale their business, and shop owners to find really unique products from across Europe anytime from everywhere.

From our experience we know what problems every maker faces:
First of all, it’s difficult to combine manufacturing with product promotion. Secondly, it’s impossible to find time for communication with retailers and stay satisfied with it. For wholesale, a business owner should work daily in different directions: find and contact retailers, write hundreds of letters, cope with getting few answers or not getting any at all. Some makers don’t even start wholesaling until retailers find them.

Retailers run into other difficulties. Independent shop owners usually don't have a purchasing manager. They do all the work by themselves, and while finding new products for their shop is fun, it's hard to keep up with all the tasks. It becomes really hectic: one brand sells through Instagram, the other one - in emails, the third one sends printed catalogues... We want to create a cosy place, to gather most of the brands under one roof, and keep everything online, available 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days in a year.

So, finally, in April 2019, we launched Fetery“.

Contact us: hello@fetery.com